Church Statistics

It's important to remember that not everything that counts can be counted.
With God, personal relationships and the fruit of the Spirit matter most.
Keep this in mind as you view these stats on the scope of our life together.

Membership   Leadership  
Weekend Attendance 2600 Trustees 12
Member Households 3200 Elders 45
Individual Members 5700 Staff 76
Mission Outreach   Facilities  
Domestic Partners 20 Campus (acres) 25
Global Partners 60 Parking (spaces) 900
Countries Engaged 50 Buildings (sq ft) 140,000
Media Outreach   Contributions  
TV Broadcasts 1 (WPWR) To Ministry Needs 7.0M
Radio Broadcasts 1 (WGN) To Mission Needs 1.5M
Broadcast Audience 60,000 est To Media Needs 0.4M
Internet Audience 650 per wk To Capital Needs 0.3M